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Tree Removal

     Do to either storm damage, rot or leaning over your home some trees must be removed for the general saftey of the owners property. This is done one of several ways, if the tree is in a location that permits dropping from the ground then that is by far the easiest method. However, 90% of the trees we remove for our clients must be climbed and taken down in small sections in order to prevent any damage to the owners propery.


I hired Patrick Carey to take down a large, dead tree and to clear some saplings and brush. It was a thoroughly great experience. Patrick was prompt and polite, submitted a clear estimate and scope of work, completed the work in a timely fashion, cleaned up after the work beautifully and even returned for another visit to be sure I was happy with his work before submitting an invoice, which was very close to the estimate.
I highly recommend Patrick Carey for any tree work you might have. Patrick and his company are a great resource in our area. Give him a try, you will not be disappointed.

Lee Montgomery

Branch Removal

     Sometimes due to either lack of sunlight, damage or poor nutrients trees will shed a branch or two. This doesnt necessarily mean the tree is dying. In fact, with proper trimming and care trees will live a much longer and healthier life.


     When it comes to trimming, most people think of fruit trees. Trimming your fruit trees during the winter months when the tree is dormant is what we recomend. There are several different types of trimming we offer depending on the specific  tree as well as how long it has been since it was last trimmed.

Storm Clean up

     As we saw this past summer, when Vermont gets hit with a wind storm  the damage is sever. After this past wind storm our crew went to eight different houses with trees that had fallen on and threw their homes.
     Storm clean up is generally straight forward and usually involves chipping brush and removing any larger sections off of the property.
ST Treeworks was great to work with, did an excellent job cutting down and hauling away 2 huge weeping willows. Would highly recommend.

Malina Wilson

Tree Cable Bracing

     Cable Bracing is a procedure that involves attaching a cable to a damaged portion of the tree (branch) and physically attaching it or screwing it back to the main portion of the tree. 

24 Hour Emergency Service

     24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are available to respond to emergencies. It doesnt matter if its a tree across the road, or on your home we will have a crew ready to respond and get it taken care of.
Patrick came to our home to take down 11 gigantic pines, including 3 that were hanging over our house. We were more than impressed, not only by his skillful work, but by his courtesy and professionalism. He provided a detailed, formal quote that explained the work he'd perform and how much each group of trees would cost. He helped us work within our budget by suggesting various options to drop the trees to keep our costs down. He was fast to respond to our questions, and a showed up when he said he would. He was respectful of our neighbors, only running the saw when it was late enough. Before he started cutting or climbing, he showed us his insurance paperwork (without us asking) so we'd be comfortable with him working at our house. He was meticulous when climbing, and triple checked his rigging and tackle when winching and cabling the various sections as he dropped them. At no point during his work did we feel concerned about his safety, or our property. The whole experience was a pleasure! I can't recommend him enough. We need more honest and professional service providers like Snapping Turtle.--

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