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Climbing is one the oldest and most reliable method to take down and section a tree. This technique involves the worker  physically climbing the tree and taking it down one small section at a time.  Climbing involves spurs, rope and several other safety precautions.


"We asked Snapping Turtle Tree Works to cut down some dead trees for us that were in danger of falling on our house. STTWorks did the job well in very hot weather and for the price quoted. We were very satisfied" 

Mr. Alan Cook of Northfield VT
Whether it be a fruit tree, or that old maple that is growing to close to your house, pruning is a good way to elongate the life of your tree and keep limbs from damaging your property or building.  Pruning is done by either climbing, or using a pole saw to reach those high, hard to reach places.  


Unfortunately, trees sometimes die or grow to close to your property or building. In this case trees can cause a serious hazard to the owner and those on or near the residence. In this case a full removal is what is recommended. It involves dropping the tree in sections or as a whole and taken off the property.  Owners can choose if they would like to keep the tree for firewood or milling if they would like, or everything can be trucked off and disposed of.


Emergency services  

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any emergency tree service. In case of high wind or a storm, trees fall or start to uproot. Please, do not hesitate to call if this has happend. Let us help!